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KONA introduces a distinctive new language into the landscape of site furnishings, suggestive of geographic features such as volcano cones.
Designed for indoor/outdoor use, Kona receptacles and matching planters are characterized by a subtly tapered steel body that sits on a rotationally molded LLDPE base. Both base and body are easy to clean, 100% recyclable, and resistant to UV, moisture, and temperature changes.  
Kona planters are available in two heights and both the planters and receptacle are available with low-profile swivel casters.

Design: Andrea Ruggiero

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Inspired by how surfboards are carried underarm and stored standing up in the sand, Zuma is a portable acoustic screen that can easily be repositioned by one person and quickly stored when not needed.  
Perfect for open plan workspaces, conference centers, or universities, Zuma consists of a low-profile steel base and a removable screen that mounts onto the base. The base is designed to stack when stored and its low-profile design allows it to be placed next to sofas or ottomans to create privacy areas for meetings. The fabric-covered screen consists of lightweight frame with sound-absorbing filling.  
Standard fabrics are Maharam Medium + Milestone; COM optional.  
Design: Andrea Ruggiero

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PickUp is a portable and stackable small table designed specifically to complement seating situations where a multipurpose work surface is needed. The perfect complement for informal meetings, collaborative brainstorming sessions, or as an individual work table.  
The unique design can be stacked for easy storage, and five tables can be arranged in a circle to create a single 32" round table. The practical cutout detail in the top acts as a carrying handle and can also be used for wire management.  
Matte textured powder-coated steel frame with standard top in white Compact HPL or multi-ply with laminate veneer.  
Design: Andrea Ruggiero  


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Ideal for those meetings that pop up around the office, the MeetUp mobile easel has dual writing surfaces and storage for two lightweight Grab stools.  
The MeetUp wall-mounted writing surface floats off the wall with a frameless thin edge.  
Writing surfaces feature IdeaPaint™ dry erase surface for flawless durability.  
Create your own meeting space — minimal in form and full of function; hybrid furniture that works the way you work.  
Design: Eric Pfeiffer

MeetUp Wall-Mounted Whiteboard MeetUp Mobile Easel Grab Stool
24w x 36h
36w x 36h
36w x 48h
48w x 47h  
36w x 73h x 28d   12w x 17.75h x 16.5d

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Disk Clock features a rotating disk that shows the hours, while the hands show minutes and seconds. Its thin profile bezel is available in PPP colors.  

820 clocks feature modern graphics that make a statement on their own.  

Groovy clocks are available with multi-tone color variations; a timeless design characterized by a floating minimal profile. Available in Clear, Charcoal, Turquoise, and Red.  
Design: Joe Ricchio + Eric MacDonald

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Adding art to your message with ClinArt boards advances the process of healing through effective patient - caregiver communication. Graphic boards slide in and out for easy changes in clinician information or room reconfiguration.  
Glass surface promotes infection prevention with smooth non-porous, easily disinfected materials.  

For use with your own existing graphic board or with optional PPP produced graphic inserts.  
Horizontal or vertical models available.

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