Workplace + Conference + Education

Workplaces and classrooms have limited space. Our modular systems are ideal for using this space efficiently and allowing as many occupants as possible to occupy a space while also partitioning a portion of a space for themselves. The flexibility of our dividers allows for the perfect protection for every situation.

Lobby | Reception

Our partition wall systems can be customized with different accessories such as brochure racks or monitor mounts. More functions not only to communicate important information but also targeted advertising messages. Our freestanding illuminated displays attract even more attention. With their low weight and fast and easy set-up, they are perfectly suited for mobile use - wherever they are needed.

Cafe + Dine-In

Popular meeting places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels or supermarkets attract a large number of visitors. Due to the wide range of products on offer, it is particularly important to gain trust with the customers and build up their loyalty. Our systems help to integrate protective measures into your business premises - individually tailored to your brand. A combination of protection and design.

Especially in the field of catering and foodservice, a pleasant atmosphere of well-being is of utmost importance. To this end, our partition walls provide protection and design at the same time. The surfaces can be decorated with individual graphics to make them fit into the overall concept. If desired, the aluminium extrusions can be finished in any RAL color.

Retail | Salon | Services

Clearly separated areas make it easier to maintain the prescribed minimum distance. At the supermarket, the car dealer or the hairdresser, these measures help protect employees and customers at the same time.

To ensure that customers are still optimally protected, our folding walls can be used to create separate work areas. Just set up the folding wall and fold it open to suit your needs. Thanks to the castors, no effort is required. Quick, safe, adaptable - the perfect solution for everyday work!

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