Peter Pepper Products has made environmental awareness a vital part of our business. Our mission is to meet our customers' expectation for high-design, high-quality, durable products, which also helps them meet their sustainable goals. Peter Pepper Products is committed to working towards and promoting buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work, while maintaining our responsibility to preserve our natural resources.

Peter Pepper Products are designed and engineered to live long, useful lives in interior and exterior environments. Most products are designed to allow for easily replaced parts. Our long lasting, high quality products, with low maintenance goals, translate into a more effective use of the earth's resources.
We use pre and post-consumer recycled materials, adopt environmentally sustainable processes and manufacture many products that are themselves recyclable or have recyclable components. We also implement our own energy efficient building solutions within our facilities, including the use of energy efficient lighting.

In testing by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a wide variety of our product line achieved Indoor Advantage Gold status, aligning those products with Section 01350 and California CARB 2 compliance.

Peter Pepper Products is in the process of developing Product Environmental Profiles for Certifications and LEED Contribution for recycled content, regional materials and low emitting materials from our suppliers.

Recycled Content

Metals are the world's most highly recycled material and can be 100% recyclable. Many of our products are primarily formed of steel and aluminum. The recycled content of these metals are consistent with the industry standard up to 60% Post Consumer and 40% Pre-Consumer.
HDPE with up to 90% recycled content and a 100% recycled after-life for re-grind.
ABS and base sheets contain up to 80% similar pre-consumer recycled contents. Each is 100% recyclable through a re-grinding process with similar products.
Terratex® Developed by Guilford of Main, Terratex® fabrics are made from 100% post and pre-consumer recycled polyester, or compostable material using increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices to produce a high quality product that is recyclable at the end of its useful life.
Packaging materials contain 30%-100% post-consumer waste including corrugated packing boxes containing a minimum of 30% recycled content, starched base biodegradable packing pellets, wooden crates, chip board, and shredded paper containing 90%-100% recycled content.
Indoor Air Quality Certifications

Peter Pepper + USGBC
Scientific Certification Systems - Indoor Advantage™ Gold | Panels + Storage

Certificate # SCS-IAQ-02339 | Storage
Certificate # SCS-IAQ-02340 | Panels
SCS Website

Porcelain writing surfaces are GREENGUARD Certified for Children ® Schools.
Laminates are GREENGUARD certified.
Adhesives for lamination are GREENGUARD Certified, 3M 94 CA, which conforms with SCAQMD, California State Law and LEED EQc4.1.
Substrates: Fiberboard-MDF-Melamine w/particle board core are NAUF CARB 2 compliant.
Polyurethane Paint: 2.8 lbs VOC per gallon, Pigment and clear lacquer, 2.0 VOC per gallon.
Cradle to Cradle Certification (C2C)

Starphire® This ultra clear glass possesses a Silver Level, Cradle to Cradle certification issued by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC. (MBDC)

Peter Pepper + USGBC
Our membership in the U.S. Green Building Council furthers our dedication to a future where our products and the buildings they inhabit are of minimal environmental impact.

Peter Pepper + mindful Materials

Peter Pepper Products appears within the mindful Materials database. mindful Materials is a design industry initiative that provides a common platform for manufacturers to clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for their products.

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